Saturday, July 5, 2008

Day 75 of our Green Year: The One Tank Challenge

A few days ago, Layla and I committed to only using one garbage bag a month, and so far we are doing pretty well with that. We are tearing apart everything we buy, and separating plastic and cardboard, as well as other items so that everything can be reused.

To go along with our one garbage bag challenge, we have also decided to use the One Gas Tank Challenge. This is something Layla and I have decided to do and it involves using only one tank of gas per month. We fill it up, and that is all we have for the month (unless there is an emergency). Now, we totally understand that some people cannot do this because of work and other commitments, but Layla and I work from home, live in a great community with everything we need, so we can actually do this easily enough.

The rules for this are simple. We use one tank of gas per month. If we end up with only enough to go to the gas station, then we have to wait until the month is over before we get another tank of gas. The only reason this would not apply is in case of emergency.

The reason we are doing this is not only to save money considering the high cost of gas, but also to help the environment by walking more in our town, leaving the car in the garage and taking advantage of the mountain air that is all around us for some exercise.

If you can do the One Gas Tank Challenge, let us know! We understand if you cannot though, this is not an easy one to do.

If you have pictures of yourself doing green things, send it to us so that we can show others that others are doing green things as well. Also, check out our first blog post on, which appeared today.