Thursday, July 10, 2008

Day 80 of our Green Year: Going on the Global Warming Diet

While reading, where we are contributors for blog posts, we found out about an interesting new trend called the Global Warming Diet. This diet involves walking and eating less meat in an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

This is actually becoming very easy for Layla and I to do because every morning we walk to our corner (and locally owned) grocery store to pick up food for the day. This walk, round trip is 30 minutes.

Therefore, taking part in the global warming diet is going to be something very easy for us to do. Studies have found that public health and climate change can be tied together for a solution, and if more people used the global warming diet, they would improve obesity problems and climate change problems at the same time.

All you have to do with the global warming diet is walk instead of drive for half an hour each day, and limit the red meat you eat, replacing it with vegetarian choices. Doing this can actually cut the greenhouse gas emissions of the United States by millions of tons! Yes, that is true, millions of tons! So, Layla and I are taking part in this to do our part.
The reason that this can reduce that amount of greenhouse gas is because you will be driving 30 min less each day, while eating less meat. The walking will limit your appetite because you will become thinner, which also helps.
In the meat industry for example, the energy and land that is used produces 18 percent of all the C02 emitted by the United States!

So, instead of driving to the store, walk! Instead of driving to the park, walk! Instead of having steak three times a week, have it once a month! Eat vegetarian and organic and you will be surprised by how great you feel. Layla and I have been doing this for weeks now and we feel great from it!

So, join us on our global warming diet!