Saturday, July 12, 2008

Day 82 of our Green Year: Clothes Washing

A few weeks ago, Layla and I eliminated the dryer from our house in an effort to stop us from using the energy that it needs. This has worked out great so far this summer, and come this winter we are already thinking of ways to make this work.

Now the time has come to start changing how we wash our clothes. There are several ways of doing this, and Layla and I are going to be implementing the following choices:

First, we are going to wearing clothes a bit more as long as they are clean and don't smell. This means instead of wearing a shirt and pants once, then tossing it into the clothes hamper, we will wear those two or three times before throwing them into the hamper. Once they start getting smelly, then we will wash them. This brings us to our second point.

When we are washing clothes, we are going to wash them by hand as much as possible. This means that instead of putting a load into the washer, we will simply put some water in the sink, and wash the clothes like that. It uses less water, no energy and it is good exercise. We are hoping to find a washboard and washtub, but are having a lot of trouble locating one, so this is the option we will be going with now.

Now, we can say our clothes washing and drying is nearly no impact, with no carbon footprint. Also, you will have a much greater appreciation for your clothes and keeping them clean when you have to wash them by hand, but at least its good exercise!