Friday, July 11, 2008

Day 81 of our Green Year: Winding Things Up

Last night, a large storm blew through our area and knocked out all the power. Well, more specifically, a very large tree knocked down the power lines, which then knocked out the power. It was at this moment as we sat with no power that we realized one of the greenest things we can do is go with no power at all.

Currently, we have a wind up flashlight, and we will be getting a solar panel on order to get us partly off the grid, but we realized there are many other wind up items we could use. A windup radio for example. On top of that there are windup cell phone and other types of chargers.

Who knows what the future holds for all of us. Far from being a believe that the end of the world is imminent (although I do think that times are going to get a bit tough), it is important to have items like windup mechanisms that can provide you with radio to the outside world, a charge for your cellphone or iPod, or even light on a dark night.

These things are sold all over the place, so for our 81st Day, we are going to start buying all the windup items we can.
Do you know of some other items that you can buy that only need to be wound up? let us know!

Also, Layla and I saw on the news last night that there has been a decision made by the federal government to allow a company to put a pipeline through Jasper National park and Robson National Park. Both of these parks are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which means they join the ranks of Stonehenge, The Pyramids and more. It is unfortunate that this is being done, but it seems like another way that the federal government puts environment behind oil and money.
Now Jasper National Park and Robson National Park can look forward to a nice big oil pipeline going straight through them.
National Park? Protected Area? World Heritage Site? Who cares! Put the pipeline through!

The story regarding this is here (this is from April, could not find newest story)

Also, Layla and I appeared in the regional weekly magazine The Weekender today. Hopefully that spreads our message a bit more.

Yay to us and all the people who visit us as well! We hit 2,000 visitors today. Great job everyone for helping to make us so popular!