Friday, July 4, 2008

Day 74 of our Green Year: Watching The Weather

Often when I look outside, I see a neighbor across the street watering their lawn. They water it on a daily basis, then cut it, then water it more. One of the things that bothers me the most about this is that they water their lawn when it is supposed to rain, which just seems like a huge waste for me.

Therefore, for our 74th Day of Our Green Year, we are practicing the art of watching the weather.
So many of us are removed from nature that we don't even see the signs of rain, thunderstorms and more in our world. We are so out of tune, that it can be grey skies and humid, and people will still water their lawns.

Instead of doing this, Layla will be paying attention to the weather and the Weather Network so that we can see when it is going to rain. Why do this? Well, your lawn needs about one inch of water per week, and your garden, a bit more. Rather than waste water out there watering these things, we can simply check the weather for the next week and see what it looks like. If we are going to have rain for three days straight, then Layla and I will be putting out buckets and barrels to catch the rain water to reuse. If it looks like it is going to be 30 degrees with no rain during the week, then we can use the water we saved from the rainy week to water out garden.

We don't water our lawn, as we feel it is a waste (plus with using a manual lawnmower, I really don't want it to grow that fast.) Not once have I watered the lawn, yet my lawn is just as green as the neighbor across the street.

Knowing the weather that is coming can save you water, and help you save the environment as well.

Thank you to Vice TV which found our blog on banning Alberta products yesterday and sent me a link to a video on the oil industry in Sudan. It can be found here

Also, thank you to, we have been hired on as bloggers for the website where we can help get out green message out to thousands of people. The first blog appears tomorrow, so check it out!