Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Day 93 of our Green Year: Washing Vegetables

Layla and I grow our own vegetables because we want to have fresh vegetables without pesticides for our food. For vegetables that we buy at the store, we always buy fresh and buy organic whenever we can.
However, we cannot always do that and sometimes we have to buy vegetables that are not organic, and there we run the danger of getting vegetables that are coated in pesticides. As well, there are organic brands out there that are not organic at all, and do have pesticides on them.

Therefore, for our 93rd Day, we are making our physical environment more healthy by washing our vegetables and fruits whenever we get them, even if they say organic. Remember, the only true organic comes from your own organic garden.

Washing vegetables will help take off several chemicals from your food. While this won't get all of them, it will get most and that can help your body stay healthy, without the need for pesticides. We live with chemicals around us. They are in us and they cause so many diseases it can be hard to count (ever wonder why more people get cancer now than ever before?). That is why Layla and I will be washing our food before eating it.

Also, I read today a story (Photo by Will Andruschack) about a woman in Rosebud, Alberta who has a property next to an oil well that was put up there after she moved in. In 2005, she noticed that the dogs would not drink the water from the well, as well as the fact that it was fizzing. By the end of the year, she could not turn her taps off and there was so much gas in her water that it forced its way through the pipes. Soon after, she found out she could light it on fire. Tests on her water found high levels of methane, ethane and other chemicals used by oil companies for drilling. EnCana, the company that owns the well, says it is not the company's fault and deny actually causing this problem. A provincial report concluded that the gas was naturally occuring and had nothing to do with the company. Hard to believe right?
However, the University of Alberta showed that in its tests, there were strong similarities between the gas in the well and the gas that EnCana uses.

What a great province Alberta is turning into! Gas in your wells, poison in your air and all the Alberta Government reports that state it is all naturally occuring!