Friday, July 25, 2008

Day 95 of our Green Year: Checking Out Happy Frog

This post is for all our BC readers out there, and I know there are a lot of you judging by the log visits. Personally, Layla and I feel that BC is the best place on Earth to live and we consider it our home, despite only living here for slightly less than two years.

As a result, we want to support BC and we want to support businesses in BC that are dedicated to helping BC become kinder, smarter, healthier and greener. Which brings us to, which is a great site that serves as a fresh and innovative online community who has content created by its members.

Members who log into the site will be able to contribute the listings of their favorite businesses and organizations, while reviewing and rating them based on their sustainability practices and other green values. This means that those who live or visit BC will be able to find the green businesses who deserve support because of their dedication to making BC healthier and greener.

On top of all this, members can submit events to the calendar, ask questions and get the answers they are looking for, create their own pages of their favorite listings, and design personal directories.

Now, if Layla and I journey elsewhere in BC, we don't have to wander around looking for somewhere to buy green items, because does that for us