Friday, December 5, 2008

Day 227 of our Green Year: Christmas e-cards

Weeks ago, we decided to go green through sending e-cards from would donate to environmental causes for every card we sent, and that meant it was a great way to brighten up a day and help the environment.

Well, being that it is the Christmas season, it is time to begin sending out Christmas cards to everyone. While this is a great tradition, it uses a lot of paper for the cards and even more for the envelopes. With trees more important than ever in the drive to get CO2 levels down, it seems like a waste to use them for this, or even recycled paper for this when it could be used for something else.

So, this Christmas, Layla and I will be sending out our Christmas cards with e-cards. There are several wonderful Christmas e-cards that are available for free through many organizations, or through You can brighten up someone's day by sending them a great Christmas e-card and you do not consume any trees either to do it. Granted, it takes a bit of CO2 (very small amount) to send the card out through Internet servers, but unless the person is standing in front of you so you can personally say "Merry Christmas" it is impossible not to use CO2 to send Christmas greetings. Even calling them will use some CO2. With Christmas e-cards, you send them essentially through the air, you use no trees and you do not contribute to transportation CO2 to get the card from you to the recipient.

If you would like an e-card from us, be sure to send us your e-mail address and we will be happy to send you one.