Saturday, December 27, 2008

Day 249 of our Green Year: Limiting Showers

So far in just this week we have done a number of things to limit our water use beyond the various commitments we have already made for water use as part of Our Green Year, including collecting rain water, snow and gray water, taking navy showers, washing clothes by hand, not watering our lawn and limiting our showers to five minutes.

Well, we are going one more further on conserving water by limiting our showers to every two days. We decided to do this because with our navy showers, collecting shower water and limiting showers to five minutes, by showering every two days we use a minuscule amount of water to keep ourselves clean.

We do not do any heavy lifting work, at least not until the summer, and we spend most of our time indoors. Therefore, we think there is not much of a problem with keeping our showers to every two days. Unless we are filthy after a day of working outside, there is no reason to shower every day for us.

It is a small thing we can do to limit our water use and protect our freshwater for the use by future generations.

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