Monday, December 22, 2008

Day 244 of our Green Year: Drying Towels

Due to the busy Christmas season, this post is going to be a short one.

Simply put, when people shower, they will often put their towel in the hamper immediately after they are done. Then, the next time they shower (usually the next day), they grab another towel. Eventually, they need to do laundry and that can consume a lot of energy and create CO2 in the atmosphere.

For us, since we are already doing Navy Showers at least half the time, showering for five minutes, using a low-flow showerhead and more, we figure we can save a lot of energy by being smart with our towels.

When we shower, we will either air-dry, which can actually be quite relaxing, or we will use a towel. When we use a towel, we will not put it in the hamper but dry it by the fire. That way we can reuse it. After a few uses, we will wash the towels by hand (as we do with our laundry) and then dry it in front of the fire. This should eliminate a great deal of the energy we would have used drying towels.

To recap, after a shower we will:

1. Air dry
2. Use the towel several times after showers
3. Dry the towel in front of the fireplace after showering and after we wash it by hand.

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