Saturday, December 6, 2008

Day 228 of our Green Year: Giving Green Gifts

A few days ago, we mentioned we would be buying only only a few gifts this Christmas season. Well, in accordance with Our Green Year, we are choosing only to buy gifts that are green. This means if we buy clothes, it is fair-trade and organic cotton or hemp.
On top of that, whatever gifts we buy will have to be in very little packaging, hopefully made from recycled materials and made in such a way that they are not a detriment to the environment.

In short, we are getting eco-friendly gifts. We want to do this because we want to make sure the people we buy gifts for are getting something that comes with a clear mind.

There are plenty of options available for green gifts, and we hope that the people we buy them for appreciate that their gift did not take much from the world. Some of these items will cost more, but such is the case when you are going green. As Layla and I have found out, organic items and green items will often cost much more than the alternatives.

We have already figured out what we are getting our family, and all the items are green. Christmas is the time of giving, but it is also the time of being green, as we will show in the coming days.

Got any green gift suggestions? Let us know!