Monday, December 29, 2008

Day 251 of our Green Year: Bamboo Flooring

The decisions with renovations continue here at the ranch, even with the busy Christmas season, and today we have made the decision to put in new flooring during the renovations to replace the old, worn out flooring. The new flooring will be bamboo flooring, which is much more environmentally friendly (but perhaps not as good as other flooring from what we have read)

Bamboo is a grass, and it can grow incredibly fast, up to several feet per day. Hence, it is a renewable resource that can be replaced very quickly and easily. Oak trees take 120 years to get to the point where they can be used for a lot of wood products, but bamboo only takes three years to get to the same type of maturity. It provides 6,000,000 jobs in China (the bamboo industry does) and 600,000,000 worldwide derive an income from it.

Hence, in our home it will be bamboo flooring from now on.

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