Thursday, December 18, 2008

Day 240 of our Green Year: Natural Humidity

Woo Hoo! Eight months down, four months left to go!

Since moving back to Alberta, Layla and I have found that we miss some of the humidity of British Columbia. With the lack of humidity, there is a lot of dry skin and itchiness, which can be annoying at times.
When people deal with the dry air of Alberta, they will usually go out and buy a humidifier. However, for Layla and I, a humidifier is not an option since it consumes energy and is not something we essentially need.

Another thing I have found coming back to Alberta is that I am having more sore throats than I used to in British Columbia. After some investigation, I found that if humidity in the house is at 45 to 65 percent, you can actually keep away sore throats and sinus infections. The air in our home is not close to that, and we had thought a humidifier was the only way to get it. Well, thanks to Daily Eco Tips, there is another option available.

This option comes from the Areca Palm. We have already mentioned that we grow plants inside to provide vegetables through the winter and summer, as well as to provide clean air free of pollutants in the home. Well, with the Areca Palm, a six-foot one, you can release one liter of water into the air every 24 hours to provide the needed humidity to avoid sore throats, sinus infections and dry skin. This alternative is much better than a humidifier because you use no energy, you get the humidity naturally and you clean your air in the process.

Renovations to a greener home continue here. We have decided to put in bamboo floors because they are more sustainable since some forms of bamboo can grow as much as 1 foot a day. Bamboo is widely becoming the go-to material for flooring around the world and we are looking forward to installing ours.

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