Friday, December 26, 2008

Day 248 of our Green Year: Protecting Birds

At the ranch we have a large picture window that looks out into the front yard. As part of one of our commitments, we had put a bird feeder down in the garden, about eight feet away from the window, below some trees, a bird feeder. This was the best place to hang the bird feeder, but it has presented a problem and that is birds have begun to hit our window when they fly around that area.

We want to protect birds and not hurt their species numbers, and we have begun to worry about how many birds could be killed by hitting our window (although of all the birds that have hit, they have all flown away).

Hence, we are going to be putting up some hanging ornaments in front of the window to keep the birds from flying into them. My grandmother had used strips of cloth and that worked quite well for her, and with the ornaments we were given for Christmas, including a beautiful copper wheel, this should keep the birds away from the window.

Layla and I don't quite know why it works, possibly something with the reflection to show birds there is something there, but it does work and quite well. So for our 248th day of Our Green Year, we are protecting birds by putting up items in the window to keep them from flying into them. Birds are already in danger from high cat numbers, cars, wind turbines and other windows in the city, we do not want to hurt their numbers anymore than they already have. You may not think this is a problem, but it is estimated that as many as 1,000,000,000 birds die every year from hitting windows.

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