Friday, December 12, 2008

Day 234 of our Green Year: Our Christmas Dinner

Christmas dinner is often the highlight of Christmas for many people. It brings together a family after a day of presents and celebrating, to enjoy each others company and enjoy a great meal. Personally, I love making Christmas dinner, especially when it is turkey. However, for this green Christmas, we are not having turkey, or hens, or ham or any meat whatsoever.

In an effort to be green this year, we are doing what we do for the better part of each week, and that is eat veggie meals. This year, our Christmas dinner will be a vegetarian, and organic dinner for the entire family to enjoy.

I have cleared this with everyone and they all agree that it is a good idea to go with a veggie supper this year. Of course, if we had decided to have turkey, it would have been a free-range turkey, like we had for Thanksgiving.

Instead, there will be organic yams, organic peas, organic potatoes and more for the dinner that is completely meat-free.

Now the effort begins to find some interesting veggie holiday suppers to try.