Saturday, December 13, 2008

Day 235 of our Green Year: Charitable Gifts

Gift giving is a big part of the holidays, but too often we will think of what we are getting and what we are getting for those we care about, over the needs of those who go without. Christmas is the time of giving and the time to think about your fellow man and woman and what they suffer through. Not everyone has gifts under the tree during Christmas, and not everyone has a Merry Christmas.

Therefore, for Layla and I, while we are buying local, green gifts this year, as well as limiting what we buy, we are also going to give to environmental charities and charities that help people in their day-to-day lives.

Why give to something other than a green charity? For Layla and I helping our fellow man and woman is also part of going green. Not everyone will agree and that is cool, but it is how we feel. Spreading the wealth and kindness can make others do the same. The happier people are, the greener they may be. We feel that we all share this world together, and if we are all helping each other, we will be more willing to help the environment. It is one reason why we use As well, instead of buying ourselves a gift that we probably don't need, we can give to a charity that helps send kids to school with the supplies they need so they can learn about the environment. At the same time, we can send more money to the World Wild Life Fund, Greenpeace or IFAW because we spent less on ourselves.

So, we have decided to give more money this year to green/environmental charities, as well as charities to help out kids and adults. Creating a better world for the environment, is about creating a better world for humans as well.