Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Day 252 of our Green Year: Joining the Audubon Society

One of the older wildlife societies in North America is the Audubon Society. Created over 100 years ago, it works to conserve and restore natural ecosystems to their original state, focusing on birds and other wildlife to help benefit the biological diversity of the planet.

Many people in Canada do not know about this society, but it is quite popular and well-known in the United States. Since Layla and I are members of the Sierra Club, WWF, Greenpeace and more, we think that it is important to show support to as many organizations as possible to help benefit the Earth.

A Canadian membership with the Audubon Society costs $45 and it is money well-spent in our mind. The network of community-based nature centers and chapters, scientific and educational programs that make up the Audubon Society works hard to keep sustainable bird and animal populations, while educating millions of people on how to conserve important habitats.

To learn more about the Audubon Society yourself, visit here.

With everything finally slowing down, we can finally detail how our Christmas went. First, we did go ahead with the veggie dinner, with the centerpiece of the meal being a sweet potato pie. It was an excellent supper and everyone loved it.
Our Christmas presents were few, and that is how we wanted it. I gave Layla a hand-crafted journal from a local store, that was made with organic cotton pages and can keep being used for years to come. She gave me a coupon book for things like hugs, cups of coffee, sugar treats made by her and more. It is a gift that is very special, and which we do not need to go out and purchase.

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