Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Day 245 of our Green Year: Green Banking

Banking is something we all do on a regular basis, and something we often don't think about in an environmental way. The reason for this is that banking seems very green to us. While it is in many ways, it is not when it comes to paper.

Layla and I do bank roughly once a week with our business, and that means we need to find ways to be green with our banking. We have found plenty of tips for doing this, and we are going to implement these in our day-to-day banking lives.

  1. Several months ago, we found more uses for receipts from stores. With banking, you are always getting receipts through using your debit card, the bank machine and going to the teller. To help conserve paper, we will not be getting a receipt from the bank machine or the teller, and when we use our debit card we will take the receipt because usually it prints out automatically. If we don't take it, then it is sometimes just thrown out. We might as well recycle it.
  2. We will try and use debit more often now. Using paper money puts more wear and tear on that money, causing it to eventually need to be taken out of circulation and have new money put into circulation. To conserve on the paper used for this, we will use our debit card more often.
  3. Bank statements take up pages and pages of paper. We already have our bills sent through e-mail, and we currently do not have our bank statements sent to us. We will continue with this practice and only see our bank statements online.
  4. All our banking, except when we have to withdraw money for something or deposit a check, will be done completely online. This way we can transfer money, pay bills and even put money into savings from our home without ever using paper
Banking can be green, and thanks to the internet, it is really not that hard to go green with your banking.

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