Thursday, January 1, 2009

Day 254 of our Green Year: Improving Air Purity

When most people want to purify the air in their homes, they will purchase an air purifier. This device is made to clean the air and make it smell nice and fresh. In our home, we generally use plants to do this, but there is something else you can do if you don't want plants in your home. All you have to do is open windows.

Opening windows may not always seem like it is something you can do to go green, but it is a much better alternative to clearing their without using the energy of an air purifier. As well, some air purifiers don't remove various pollutants, and some even produce gases like formeldahyde, which is banned in our home.

Even in winter you can open your windows, albeit only for a short time, to help clear the air. Keep your furnace turned low of course, put on a scarf and toque and open the window for a fresh blast of cool air coming into the home. The air will feel pure, you will feel refreshed and you didn't waste any energy with an air purifier.

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