Friday, January 30, 2009

Day 283 of our Green Year: Sustainable Shrimp

We mentioned yesterday that we will be using FishPhone, the service that allows you to text to find out if the fish you are buying is sustainable or not.
Well today, we are going green with the ocean once more and this time it has to do with shrimp. Shrimp are a very important part of the food chain in the ocean, but they are being depleted in amazing numbers due to overfishing.
As a result, Layla and I will be more sustainable with the shrimp we buy. We will not buy farm raised shrimp from overseas because it can be pumped full of artificial feed and antibiotics. We will be buying farm raised shrimp from our own country though as there are stricter laws regarding them. We will also only buy organic shrimp, which we have found at our local grocery store. On top of that, we will also only buy shrimp on occasion and will severely limit how much we buy to once a month or less so we do not take too much from the ocean or shrimp farms.

Thank you to Wandering Coyote who provided us with a great list of green things you can do located here.

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