Friday, January 9, 2009

Day 263 of our Green Year: Cool Showers

So far this year we have committed to taking navy showers for a portion of our showers each week, showering every two days, limiting showers to five minutes, using a low-flow showerhead and collecting our grey shower water. Today, we are doing another shower item. This time we are committing to taking cool showers.

Now, this does not mean we are going to shower in freezing cold water. In fact, it means that while nice hot showers are very nice, we will have to settle with lukewarm showers instead. They will be a mild warm, but not overly warm. They will be a bit on the cool side.

The reason is that when you run your hot water, it takes energy to warm that water for the water heater. The more warm water you use, the more energy it takes. Therefore, by taking cool showers you can greatly reduce the energy needed for your shower.

Warm showers are gone for us now, and while we are not ready for freezing cold showers, we will meet it half way with cool showers.

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