Saturday, January 31, 2009

Day 284 of our Green Year: Don't Over Boil Tea

Layla is a big fan of organic green tea, and while buy organic and fair-trade tea, there is another way that we can go green with our tea. That way is by not overboiling it. When you hear the tea kettle whistling, that usually means for us that the tea is ready. However, the truth is that it was ready about a minute previous. When the water is whistling, the water is going to be too hot to drink so we are going to let it sit and let it cool before we drink it. That makes the energy we used to get it to boiling or whistling, is simply wasted.
As a result, let your water warm up just until it is hot enough for you, but not too hot that you can't drink it. It saves a bit of energy but if you boil the kettle four times a day, it can add up to a lot of energy over the course of a year.

Thank you to Wandering Coyote who provided us with a great list of green things you can do located here.

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