Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day 280 of our Green Year: Cutting Food by Hand

At the ranch, there are several appliances that can be used for cooking. I don't use most of them because I prefer cooking by hand, but one I have used on occasion is the food processor that cuts up food quickly and easily.
However, beginning today there will be no more food processor use by me when I cook for everyone, which is about five or six days per week.

Instead, I will be cutting all food by hand. I find this is more relaxing and lets you take more care in the cooking. The food processor is not really needed anymore and the day may come soon where we give it to someone who actually needs it.

Thank you to Wandering Coyote who provided us with a great list of green things you can do located here.

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A few days ago, Layla and I enjoyed nature and being green by going snowshoeing. Here is a picture of us out walking along the river in our snowshoes.