Monday, January 5, 2009

Day 258 of our Green Year: Composting......Hair?

Today it is a bit of a weird thing we are doing, but it is a green thing to do. In our home, Layla and I cut out own hair. Mine is quite easy to cut because it just involves buzzing it off, and Layla usually just chops off a portion of her hair when it gets too long.

Well, we learned recently that rather than just throw that hair out, you can compost it. Apparently, hair is a great source of nitrogen for the compost. Animal hair is as well and with all the cats and dogs we have, it seems like a waste to just throw all that hair in the garbage. Instead, we will now compost it. Hair is composed of 45 percent carbon, 28 percent oxygen, 15 percent nitrogen, seven percent hydrogen and five percent sulfur. All of this helps your compost and makes it work better for you.

In the spring and summer, we will be using our old cut hair outside, by providing it as something that birds can make their nests out of. Just another cool use for hair.

Used hair is used in many amazing ways. Old hair is actually used in the making of oil spill mats for car mechanics. Ottimatt is a company that does this.

The homemade seed bell worked great and the birds were swarming around it this morning. Wonderful sight to see.
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