Monday, January 12, 2009

Day 266 of our Green Year: Sponsoring Animals

Throughout Our Green Year, we have donated to wildlife funds, raised awareness about them and more. Today, we are sponsoring wild animals. When you sponsor an animal, you are not sponsoring a specific animal, but you are giving money towards preserving the species that you are sponsoring.

One of the best places to do this is WWF, which allows you to sponsor a caribou, polar bear, orangutan, snow leopard, arctic fox, emperor penguin, grizzly bear, tiger, giant panda, asian elephant, cod, leopard frog, monarch butterfly, sea turtle and an owl. You can sponsor all, or just one, and it does not cost much.

You get to know that the money you gave is going to a specific species, and you know that you are making a difference with the environment. You can sponsor as we are by visiting the World Wild Life Fund.

When you sponsor an animal with the World Wild Life Fund, you get a cuddly toy, reusable gift bag made from recycled plastic, personalized adoption certificate, letter that identifies you as a gift giver and a report that shows you how your symbolic adoption will support the wildlife.

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