Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day 257 of our Green Year: No Compressed Air

For those of you who use a keyboard a lot, you will know that getting things inside of it like crumbs, dust and more can be a big pain in the butt. Those pieces of dust and crumbs will sometimes block the keyboard keys from pressing down. When you are working on a book, or a long report, those missing 'keys' can lead to a loss of productivity as you go back to fix it.

Usually, people will use an compressed air canister that will shoot a blast of air under the keys to clear it out. This, however, is not a green thing to do. Many compressed air canisters are packed with toxic chemicals and greenhouse gases. When you shoot the air out, you release those gases. Not to mention that there is little you can do with the canisters when they are out.

For Layla and myself, we will be using a different solution instead of compressed air canisters. First, shaking your keyboard over a trash can works great and it can get plenty of those bits of things out of the keyboard. If you have a laptop, this won't work as well. You can use a duster to get in between the keys. Another idea is to put some tape down on your keyboard, tip it over and then tip it back. Most of the bits of crap should stick to the tape. Just be careful that when you pull up the tape, you don't pull up your keys.

Of course, probably the best option so you don't have to use compressed air is to not eat at your computer and keep the crumbs away from the keyboard. That being said, in today's busy world, sometimes eating lunch at your desk is the only way you can make deadlines.

We have been replenishing our bird feeders a lot this winter to keep the birdies warm, and there are plenty of fat chickadees here who are loving the food. We have two big bird feeders located near one tree and a flag pole, and we have another seed bell outside our loft window. This seed bell ran out today because the birds just love it, and we decided to make make our own seed bell. It turned out pretty good. One of my favorite activities in the morning is to sit at my desk in the loft and look at the birds eating outside my window as I drink my coffee. We hope they enjoy the seed bell, and we will see tomorrow.

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