Friday, January 23, 2009

Day 277 of our Green Year: Natural Disinfectant

There comes a time when disinfectant is needed to keep things clean around the house. If you are dealing with chicken, then you need to disinfect the area so that you don't spread salmonella. Sadly, many different types of disinfectants have several harmful chemicals in them and people are spreading them all over their counters and chopping blocks.

To keep things safe, and not use harmful disinfectants when we are dealing with cleaning, we have chosen a great disinfectant recipe from a green living website.

We can try this recipe:

Mix 1.6 oz of eucalyptus oil with a litre of water. Be sure to shake well before use and use as you would a store bought disinfectant.

And this one:

Mix together 1 gallon warm water, 20 drops grapefruit seed extract, Mix and pour in a spray bottle

Hopefully this will keep harmful bacteria out of the house, and bad disinfectant chemicals out as well.

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