Thursday, January 22, 2009

Day 276 of our Green Year: Supporting Animal Shelters has a great online contest going on right now. By going there, you can vote for an animal shelter in your area. If your animal shelter is chosen, then that animal shelter will get $10,000 to help it out.

Layla and I feel that if we are going green, that means helping animals in the wild, helping ourselves, and helping the domestic pets that some people give away for a wide variety of reasons, or strays that are picked up.

We are going to be voting for our local animal shelter of course, but you should vote for your animal shelter. No matter which shelter wins $10,000, animals win and that is the most important thing. Being green is about helping all animals, including those in shelters. That is why Layla and I have chosen to vote for our local animal shelter.

You can vote here.

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