Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Day 267 of our Green Year: Soaker Hoses

It is January, but that does not mean we can't start thinking about the green things we want to do when the snow melts and the time comes to again be watering our garden. We already gather snow for the plants inside, and come spring we will be catching rain once again to water the garden. However, we thought there must be a better way to water the garden than just turning on a sprinkler, and that is what led us to the soaker hose.

When you use a sprinkler, a lot of water is wasted on dirt and ground that has no plants in it. However, with a soaker hose, you can position the hose so that it only hits your rows of vegetables and plants, and therefore there is very little water that is wasted. A soaker hose has thousands of holes that seep water out into the soil, exactly where you want it to, without wasting anything. It is the environmentally friendly alternative to watering your garden. With a soaker hose, there is no need to waste water where there is no vegetables or plants to water.

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