Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Day 260 of our Green Year: The Working Assets Visa Card

Several times in Our Green Year, Layla and I will use one of our Green Days to spread the message about a good product or cause. Today, we are raising awareness about the Working Assets Visa Card.

While Layla and I do not use much credit (and are glad for that now considering the economic times), we think it is important that credit card companies work to make the world a better place. The Working Assets Visa Card does this. Since 1985, it has donated $60 million to the causes it supports, including Greenpeace and the Alliance for Climate Protection.

In all, the program supports 10 environmental causes that help to preserve habitats around the world and make sure that while people may spend to consume, their spending can make the world a better place.
That being said, it is always better to spend less and consume less, but if you need a credit card, get a credit card like this that at least offsets some of the damage consumerism causes.