Saturday, January 10, 2009

Day 264 of our Green Year: Dealing with Mosquitos

It may be odd to talk about mosquitoes right now, with snow on the ground, but it won't be long before the bugs are buzzing around us and biting us. Often, when mosquitoes bother us, we will use chemical candles or install zap lights, or coat ourselves in chemical sprays to ward off the bugs and (in rare cases) West Nile Virus.

For Layla and I, we will choose a more natural approach. First, we will wear colors that do not attract mosquitoes and we will wear colors that will repel the pests.
On top of that, we will use a native method for dealing with mosquitoes, which is to use pine branches. By holding a pine branch near you, you can ward off the mosquitoes. For whatever reason, the do not like pine branches and this is a great and natural alternative for us to use instead of the bug spray.

Having a smoking fire or even a smoking branch near you will also keep the mosquitoes away because they don't want to go into the smoke.

For Layla and I, we will deal with the buzzing and biting pests naturally to keep from being bit.

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