Friday, January 16, 2009

Day 270 of our Green Year: Nylon Uses

Nylons are used every day by millions of women around the world. When they become ripped or old, they are often thrown out because they cannot be worn anymore. However, this is a waste as with anything that is not reused. So, why not follow some of these great tips for reusing nylons so that you don't contribute to the growing waste in our landfills.
  • You can use nylon stockings to create a shine on your wood floor by putting a bath towel into the nylon stocking.
  • If your trunk has too many things in it to close properly, you can tie some nylon to hold the trunk closed.
  • If you need a really large rubber band, you can cut the elastic top of the nylons out. This works great with another nylon elastic to hold in your important documents.
  • Nylons can be used as a 'wick' to water your houseplants.
  • Instead of using fabric softener that makes your clothes smell nice, you can put potpourri into a nylon, tie off the nylon and toss it in the dryer with the clothes or sheets.
  • Did you lose a contact lens? Put your old nylon over the vacuum nozzle and slowly move it around the floor. It will suck up the contact lens, but not suck it into the vacuum bag.
  • You can store plant bulbs in the nylon and hang them to dry.
  • If you roll an old nylon into a ball, you can use it to clean your sink and tub.
  • Don't like the feeling of wool on your arms? Line the sleeves of the wool sweater with the legs of nylons.
  • If you have lumpy paint, you can strain it through an old nylon.
Nylons can be reused many times over throughout the house. This makes it a great thing to hold onto after you are done using them. Too often we throw out things that can be reused because we live in a 'one-time use' and disposable society. We use something once and toss it away. Instead of doing that, follow these tips with nylons and begin to look for other ways that you can reuse the items in your house. Doing this saves the environment, and saves you money. Win-win!