Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day 272 of our Green Year: Reusing Boiled Water

First, some good news. We have passed our nine month anniversary, meaning there is only three months left in the whole Our Green Year. We are three-quarters done, and on the home stretch for sure now. As well, we passed 9,000 hits recently, which makes about 1,000 hits per day.

Now, many months ago, we started using boiled water on weeds, rather than a weed killer. Well, in the winter, there is no weeds so what can we do with our boiled water. Simple, by taking our boiled water and then using that again to boil something else, we can reuse the boiled water. The boiled water can also be cooled and then given to the plants to help water them.

One great thing about reusing boiled water is that when you boil vegetables, you can then use that same boiled water to make rice. You save water, and nothing is wasted. Win-win for everyone.

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